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    The same old question: How Can I Integrate JBoss with Apache

    code007 Newbie


      I know, this question has been defintely asked 100's of times.
      I have read at least dozens of those posts and "articles" elsewhere, BUT
      none of them explain clearly how to do it.

      On this forum I constantly read comments telling:
      "check this URL or that"

      and they either don't work or just don't handle the matter.

      So please, to all who have done it and are just bored to hear about such a simple issue:

      "do you know of a good HowTo, which explains, how one can keep his Apache 2.x and all the current configurations and integrate JBoss 3.2.3 with it?".

      (I need infos for both RedHat & Windows XP development desktops)

      I have already a "Apache 1.3.27/Tomcat 4.1.27/mod_jk1.2 integration and works fine.

      The integrated Tomcat in Jboss 3.2.3 is a different matter.

      Using the Apache/Tomcat method and with the available documentation from Apache or Tomcat
      JBoss seems not to work.

      I am just starting with JBoss, so there might be an obvious place on this site where I could get the answer I am looking for.
      But after hours on this site and most of yesterday on google,
      I haven't gotten the help I need.

      Please somebody help! Thanks.