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    automating testing of photo album application

    Prabhat Jha Master

      I have configured continuous build of photo album as well as corresponding tests in hudson. Setup is all good but tests do not pass. You can see the details of test results at http://hudson.qa.jboss.com/hudson/view/RichFaces/job/richfaces-photoalbum-tests/lastBuild/testReport/. I have not yet made the build available in public hudson so you have to be in VPN to access the report.

      The reason of failure is that RealWorldHelper assumes that id of login link in header.xhtml is going to be loginPanelShowlink. Since this command link is embedded in form that does not have an explicit assigned to it, a random id for form is generated which results into random id for login command link.

      Once I assigned an explicit id to the form, Selenium was able to find the right id and proceed with login. I would like to proceed with this and similar changes and commit them (3.3.X branch) so that I can have stable run in Hudson. Please let me know if you have any objection.

      Of course, there is an option of xpath manipulation but overall I think having explicit id simplifies life everywhere.
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