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    doubleClick event on rich:tree invokes nodeSelectionListener

    Praveen Kumar Newbie


      I have written a custom view handler, which extends the FaceletViewHandler. Now I am trying to create a tree at runtime. I have not written any jsp page for this. I am trying to build a rich:tree using the code, dynamically.

      The problem that I am facing is that, when i double click (this double click is attached as an a4jsupport)on any of the nodes, the nodeSelectionListener is invoked twice. This problem is giving me a nightmare as I don't have any clue where to fix this.

      This is really urgent. Any help on this will be highly appreciated.
      Thanks in Advance

      (My Environment: JSF 1.2.09 and Richfaces 3.3.0 with Jdk1.5.10 and Apache 6.0.14)