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    JBoss 3.2.3 Admin Console Applet Behavior on Mac OS X 10.3.3

    Barry C. Hawkins Newbie

      Hello everyone,

      First post. I have been able to install JBoss on Mac OS X over the past year or so without any trouble. Recently, when installing on Panther (10.3.3) with the Java 1.4.2 update, I have begun to have an odd problem. When the server has started and I navigate to the JBoss Admin Console (, the applet in the left pane loads but then goes blank. I am using Safari as the browser. It has worked before without issue, but I think it was prior to the Java 1.4.2 update. I also tested Mozilla 1.7b, and it exhibited the same behavior. Oddly, Internet Explorer 5.23 shows the applet just fine.

      Has anyone else seen this peculiar behavior?