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    Configuring Session ???

    Leandro Terra Melo Newbie

      i got a basic question about Session configuration in JBoss (it there's any).

      I might have some wrong concepts here, so if i say anything wrong please correct me.

      I'm building a application that uses HttpSession for keeping some data.
      I have, for example, a itemsList for a purchase that is kept in HttpSession.
      This fine as an example.

      The problem starts here.
      If i log in the system and ask for a itemsList, it's displayed for me perfectly.
      If i open another browser window logged with another person, and ask for a itemsList, i get the first guy's list of items.
      I don't think that was supposed to happen as i opened (from clicking on the icon and not from ctrl+N or ctrl+T) another brand new browser window and made another brand new request.

      How can i deal with that? Or why is this happening???

      I know i can workaround this by removing this attribute in each request and setting it back after getting the list from EJBs, but i'd like to know the reason of this behaviour. I always thoght that new requests generates new Sessions.