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    Deploy multiple .ear in JBoss

    Sam Lam Newbie

      Hello all,

      I have some problem when I try to deploy my web application into multiple EAR, so that I up/down a ear would not effect the runing of others. Of-course the classes on different ears are support to be independent.

      I am using JBoss 3.0 and Eclipse as the Java development tools.

      By now, All the control classes are packed into different JARs base on their functionality. All the jsp are packed into WAR. Those files together with a META-INF folder are packed into a EAR.
      /Ejb1/* -> ejb1.jar \
      /Ejb2/* -> ejb2.jar |
      /Ejb3/* -> ejb3.jar > main.ear
      /CommonUtil/* -> util.jar |
      /Web/* -> web.war |
      /META-INF /
      Then the JBoss will depoly the main.ear and start up the service.

      Can I divide those class into mulit-file, such that
      /Ejb1/* -> ejb1.jar ejb1.ear
      /Ejb2/* -> ejb2.jar ejb2.ear
      /Ejb3/* -> ejb3.jar ejb3.ear
      /CommonUtil/* -> util.jar util.ear
      /Web/* -> web.war web.ear
      /META-INF other.ear
      so the JBoss can deploy the jars/ears, and i can up/down the ears without effect other ear, except the common classes in CommonUtil?
      If i can do that, what setting I have to make? what files I have to modify? Is it complicated? As I just a beginner for JBoss.

      Thank you very much.