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    Rules Engine Plug-in for JBoss and Tomcat

    Gary Skinner Newbie

      Take it to a higher-level! POJO components and XML Business Rule Engine ease application development and more! What is a Rules Engine?

      Business Rule Solutions should be:

      Non-Industry Specific
      Appropriate and Affordable for any size business
      Enterprise-class solution (scalable, optimized, extensible)

      Remember: All businesses have business rules, and all businesses need an efficient way of managing and executing these business rules.

      What Business Rule Solutions should provide:

      Input Validation & Data Integrity
      Integration & Data Transformation
      Interpret clients Business Policies & Behaviors and clients run-time
      data and execute the appropriate process related workflow efficiently.

      The Return on Investment:

      ROI continues every day, week, month and year into the future!
      Simplify all program development through component reuse.
      Lowers software maintenance by a magnitude.
      Manages & Protects a company assets (Business Rules) in one
      Provide Business Agility and Competitive Advantage!

      Further, I believe Business Rule Solutions are a higher level of abstraction of services that all other applications should use to better implement the Model-View-Controller design pattern! Separate the Controller into generic Java components and specific business rules in XML.

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