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    Error when starting jboss-4.0.0 when hyperthreading is enabl

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      I wanted to start JBoss-4.0.0 on a machine where JBoss-3.2.3 used to run without any problem and I often got an error indicating that the system did not find table SYSTEM_TABLES. I think that the same error appears in the mail

      Posted: Mon Oct 4, 2004 16:15 PM Post subject: HSQLDB Loading Issues

      I nevertheless open a new topic, because I think that the reason of my problem was not linked to the database, but to the fact that I was running in hyperthreading mode (biprocessor). When I disabled that mode, things became normal again. Actually, since I did that, I could start JBoss many times, but as in hyperthreading mode, I could do it "sometimes", I hope that the problem does not hit back later !

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