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    Closing unused services

    Jim Dwyer Novice

      I need to close unused service ports. What is the best way to undeploy unused services? I have backed out what I can from the server/deploy directory. I think I want to modify the jboss-service.xml file but seem to break the system when I do that. My understanding of JBoss is growing by leaps and bounds daily but and still short of knowledge on some things. Is there any documentation about the best way to back out unused services from the default server?

      I also have a request to not use JNDI from outside of JBoss. Using it internally is fine but I have been requested to not expose the service to the outside world. i.e. close ports 1099, 1098. Is it possible to do this and still use JNDI internally for EJB? If so how?

      Altimately I want to get down to 1 open port on my box. That being the RMI port to access StatefulSession beans. This will require some fancy client work but will satisfy my customers, sales group and management greatly.

      Any help with this is appreciated.