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    custom container-side interceptor



      I've created a custom interceptor class that extends GenericEJBInterceptor, and put it in its own jar file. I also modified standardjboss.xml to include this new interceptor in the interceptor stack of stateless beans, but when JBoss starts it throws a "ClassCastException" in the EjbModule.addInterceptors method.

      I've tried placing the custom interceptor's jar file in $JBOSS_HOME/lib, then $JBOSS_HOME/servers/default/lib to no avail. I gather it's able to locate the class otherwise I would of not gotten as far as getting a ClassCastException.

      What is the proper way install a custom interceptor?

      (I'd eventually like to use it across various applications so I'd prefer not to embed it in an EAR)

      Thanks ahead of time for any thoughts.