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    Hot Remove - How can one remove active WAR files?

    Paul Ricker Newbie

      Hello everyone,

      I'm in a bit of a dilemma here with my company. We are using cruise control for automated nightly builds. However I am experiencing issues in trying to figure out how to "clean" the active WAR file for our web application, which JBoss is using, by essentially deleting it and then dropping in the newly built one. The developers want the active WAR file deleted so I can't simply overwrite the old with the new if you will. Furthermore, JBoss is always using the active WAR file, as it is deployed, and I cannot simply invoke delete commands from my Ant file without access violations. So the question arises....

      Question: Can I use a command line statement or a small batch file that somehow notifies JBoss to undeploy or remove the current WAR file (by specifying its name and path) so that the new one can simply be copied into the deploy directory and automatically hot deployed?

      I ran across the twiddle utility in the JBoss Documentation, but still largely do not understand how to use it. Is this the utility that could help me? Can I invoke an MBean's method that somehow does what I need, while having been called from within a windows batch file?

      Any comments or suggestions are much appreciated. Hopefully there is a simple call. Otherwise there is an ugly work around I have that currently starts and stops the JBoss service from batch files. This approach detracts from some of the key reasons for using cruise control so I would like to avoid it at all costs.

      Thank you and take care.