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    Deploying web services in a sar file

    Y E Newbie

      I'm currently working on some web services. Everything works fine if deployed in a war file. If I deploy it in a sar file the web services become unavailable. I'm not very familiar with the idea of the sar file( I just had to do it). Could somebody explain to me ( or at least point to some documentation) what's the diference between these two formats and also do I need to re-configure the deployments descriptors for a sar file?

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          master_yoda Newbie

          .sar file is used when you deploy an MBean service. Can you plaese explain why you have to use .sar file.

          see some .sar in the jboss server deploy dir. you can then figure out yourself the purpose of sar.

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            Y E Newbie

            This is exactly why I have to use .sar file, instead of .war. But does this mean that I have to change the deployment descriptors? I have web services, along with struts in this package. The struts app works as before, but the web services aren't. Any hints?

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              Y E Newbie

              I'd really appreciate somebody's help here.
              As I said earlier the web services work fine in a war file. These are JAX-RPC web services. The problem is that I have to deploy them in a sar file, as there's also a MBean.

              The message I get when I deploy the web service in a sar file is:

              [[/myapp]] Marking servlet MyWebService as unavailable
              13:59:04,139 ERROR [[MyWebService]] Allocate exception for servlet MyWebService
              java.lang.ClassCastException: com.mycom.myapp.ws.services.MyWebServiceImpl

              Do I need to change the deployment descriptors or something else. I've been trying to find information on the net, but so far I've been unsuccessfull.