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    Incidental class loading problems

    Rüdiger Engelberger Newbie


      Since about 3 weeks we have severe class loading problems with jBoss 3.2.7.

      When you restart jBoss with THE SAME EAR Files applications sometimes run without problems and sometimes they don't. When they have problems you'll get an NoClassDefFoundError.

      So for example there's a class named ResourceLoader which is in a JAR file of an EAR file. Sometimes the Classloader doesn't find this class and writes a NoClassDefFoundError into the log file. Then you restart the server and everything runs fine. But then you get another NoClassDefFoundError in a different application.

      I'm quite sure that those exceptions only happen with classes packaged in JAR files inside an EAR file.

      My suspicion is that we've reached some limit of jBoss. We run 14 EAR files and some EAR file became quite large. These applications are deployed on 2 production instances (which run in a cluster) and on 2 identical test instances. The problems are nearly the same.

      Does anyone have an idea?

      Thanks a lot!

      Rüdiger Engelberger