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    Opening a PDF  file from JBOSS.

    Radouane El Marjani Newbie


      I Have PDF Files on JBoss server in Directory "jboss.server.data.dir", The JBoss is running in Linux PC, I have writing EJB to read a PDF file, I try to open this file on a Windows PC. so I have writting this code:

      if (OperatingSystem.isWindows())
      process = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("cmd /c start \"\" \"" + fileName +
      process = Runtime.getRuntime().exec("/bin/bash -c 'rm -f "+fileName+"'");
      // Runtime.getRuntime().exec("kfm file:"+fileName);

      if (OperatingSystem.isMac())
      process = Runtime.getRuntime().exec(new String[] {"/usr/bin/open",
      fileName });

      If Jboss auf Windows lokal, there is no Problem, I can open The PDF file, but when the Jboss auf dem Server linux and I try from my PC (Window) to open this file, I have no chance.
      Have someone an idea. Thank you.