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    Sizing guidelines, matrix for customers

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      hello there!
      was trying to look for something that will help me on coming up with a sizing document / matrix for my customer for comps and a potential evaluation of
      jBPM and AS combination.

      am specifically interested in finding out the need for HW/SW upgrades, requriements , so if there is a magical spreadsheet OR even a reference that helps me with a CPU , mem estimation (integration piece please), that would be wonderful....

      maybe I didn't hit the right search :-) but surprisingly the word sizing does not bring up anything here on the site....
      thanks in adv for the help...

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          Elias Ross Master

          Being a part-time contributer, I've never seen any documents suggesting sizing.

          I'm guessing providing information like this falls under the umbrella of services provided by JBoss (Redhat) the corporation. So, it may in fact be intentionally missing.

          Anyway, the sizing of things comes down to what is run on top of AS or jBPM and the expected load. It's a bit like asking how big of a machine to run Linux on. It's really what's on Linux that determines the requirements.