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    mutiple jboss instances, multiple ip addresses, multiple dns

    Scott Russell Newbie

      I have setup two separate jboss instances, as per the instructions here:-

      Both instances startup OK, and I can see that the services are listening on separate ip addresses(port numbers remain standard). The server.log reports everything as normal(both of them)

      When I connect via https, I get the certificate, and then nothing... I tracked this issue down to a repsonse from the tomcat server(we are going direct to the tomcat embeded in jboss), this response is as follows:-

      HTTP/1.x 400 No Host matches server name myservler1.mydomain.com

      Server: Apache-Coyote/1.1

      Transfer-Encoding: chunked

      Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2007 12:18:52 GMT

      Connection: close

      I have checked host name resolution, both on the server and on the local client. Everthing resolves. I have googled around a bit and seen references to appbase, however this seems relevant only to tomcat, and appears to be ignored by the jboss 4.04GA that I am using.

      I beleive there is a setting I am missing , just not sure what it is or where.....

      any suggestions appreciated......