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    Killing problem in deployment!!!

    kamal soni Newbie

      I an facing a problem in deploying a Tomcat 4 project in JBoss 4.0. This is working Perfectly fine with Tomcat .To deploy in JBOSS4 after creating a war file I Placed it in D:\jboss-4.0.2\server\default\deploy. But when i try to access the projevt by giving url http://localhost:8080/MyProj it gives the error 404 requested resource not available insted if I give the url http://localhost:/MyPro8080/MyProj/MyProj it shows the index page, then after providing the login credentials it prompts an error message "The requested resource (/MyProj/MyProj/ControlServlet) is not available."

      Please help me to sort this problem out asap as it is really very urgent.
      Thanks in advance....