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    jboss-4.2.3.GA startup problem

    Venki Newbie

      I have recently installed jboss-4.2.3.GA in my system (Windows-XP SP2). I have been using jboss for a while now. My previous version of jboss-4.0.3 runs fine on my machine. I have a jdk150_12 installed on my computer and my JAVA_HOME is set to that.

      After unzipping the jboss-4.2.3 binary, i started up the default server by issuing run.bat command. I saw lot of errors in my server.log, I can't even access the jmx-console. I am sure the server didn't come up properly.

      I got several errors. I am listing them one by one here.

      2008-10-12 21:24:13,656 ERROR [org.apache.tomcat.util.modeler.BaseModelMBean] Exception invoking method addChild
      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: javax/annotation/Resource

      2008-10-12 21:24:13,672 ERROR [org.apache.tomcat.util.modeler.BaseModelMBean] Exception invoking method init
      javax.management.RuntimeErrorException: Error invoking method addChild

      Caused by: javax.management.RuntimeErrorException: Error invoking method addChild

      and MORE.......

      All of these errors are seems to caused a missing class javax/annotation/Resource.

      Is this a known bug or is it something to do with my JDK.

      Can someone help me here.