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    Problem with DTDs when website is not available

    Claus Hausberger Newbie


      I've received reports from our sysadmins that JBoss has problems starting when a webserver for a DTD that is used in one of the XML files is not available.

      I've searched google and so far I've found two solutions to this problem:

      1) remove all DTD declarations from the XML files (I found that for example JBoss does not include a DTD declaration for most XML files)

      2) change from a PUBLIC declaration to a SYSTEM declaration and put the DTDs in the $JBOSS_HOME/bin directory and for the sar archives in the META-INF directory.

      Both seem to work but I was wandering if there is an easier solution.
      Is it possible to tell Jboss AS to not validate again'st any DTDs (JBoss DTDs but als the Sun DTDs)?
      Or a timeout?

      this would be more than welcome. We are currently trying JBoss for several new products and I have to fix this problem (the admins already want to go to BEA server).

      any help more than welcome!