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    dynamic classloading

    Steve Gee Newbie

      I have a webapp that is acting as a Quartz framework. The webapp allows you to dynamically create a new job. Our framework also allows for the jar file to be loaded (pushed to the server).

      Question: is there any way to force the container to load the new resource bundle?

      Concern: making the 'assumption' (I know where that leads) that you can load/reload the libraries, what happens to the existing classpath? Is it droped and reloaded or updated and appended. My reason for asking lies here; if it is dropped or reloaded, it is my understanding that the job(existing job, not new) will fail since the classpath reference will not be found.

      Due to our requirements, restarting the server is not an option since that wpuld stop the quartz engine.

      Thanks all,