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    Update quartz 1.6.5

    superDev superDev Newbie

      I configured Mbean "org.quartz.ee.jmx.jboss.QuartzService" in one of my project deployed to Jboss 5.0.1 GA, and wanted to update quartz to version 1.6.5. I found that putting quartz-all 1.6.5 jar under lib folder of my enterprise application won't make my QuartzService Mbean instance use quartz-all 1.6.5 (still used defaut quartz 1.5.2), while copying /quartz-all-1.6.5.jar/ to the folder: /[Jboss install dir]/server/default/lib/ worked.

      I wonder what is the correct way to realized it and whether shall I remove the default quartz.jar under /[Jboss install dir]/common/lib, since sometimes, duplicate jar of different versions will cause trouble. Thanks a lot in advance!