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    HOW to remove /opencms/opencms in Apache2+Jboss5.1.0+OpenCMS

    dmitri shulinin Newbie

      Hi everybody!

      Could you please help me solve the problem.
      Im using Apache2.0 + Jboss 5.1.0 + OpenCMS 7.0.4 and i want to remove the /opencms/opencms

      I did it all like pointed out in the manual http://www.opencms-forum.de/opencms-forum/viewthread?thread=713&offset=0 but it doesn't seem to work.
      The first page of opencms is okay and is shown on http://mysite.com

      but when i try to login to workplace it doesn't let me in asking for password again and again. It doesn't say "wrong username or password", it just displays the dialog box again and again.
      So it seems to me the logging in is successful but the workplace is not shown.

      What's wrong?

      And, by the way. The tutorial says:
      ".... Install OpenCms using the normal setup-wizard. After restarting Tomcat log into the workplace as the administrator and open '/system/workplace/views/top_fs.jsp'. Search for the line starting with 'this.servpath=' and change the value to:

      this.servpath="<%= OpenCms.getStaticExportManager().getVfsPrefix() %>"; "

      but in my opencms installation the string "this.servpath=..." was found not in the file top_fs.jsp, but in file top_js.jsp. Is that okay?

      Please help me out! any hints are welcome!