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    Partitioning ??

    tony Newbie

      Hi there,
      I got 3 jbosses(all same version(3.0.4)). Two of them are in the partition named "MY_PARTITION". The other is in the patition named "DefaultPartition".

      First, my client accesses the jboss in "MY_PARTITION".
      Second, I shutdown the jboss.
      Third, my client accesses the other jboss in "MY_PARTITION".
      Forth, I shutdown the jboss.
      Fifth, supposed to be "my client cannot find any jbosses, because no more jbosses are running in the MY_PARTITION",
      BUT my client accesses the jboss with "DefaultPartition".

      How come ?

      I know there's a feature "auto discovery". then what's the point of partitioning of clustering...?

      just in case...
      my client knows only about the two jbosses' IP addresses(and HA-JNDI port) in the "MY_PARTITION".