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    solution for problem with looking up objects in JNDI with HA

    digid Newbie


      I'm searching for solution for my problem.

      I have an object which is working with file system resources. This object is a kind of database, bind as remote object to serve with methods to access the files in file system. Till now I had only one instance of this object, registered in local JNDI.

      Now I want to use a cluster architecture for failover. I have created new methods for remote objects sinchronization and so on. On each JBOSS node in cluster is running one such object, registered in local JNDI on port 1099,and thay comunicate with eatch other. No problem till now. I'm using a test application, which looks up one of this objects with use of HAJNDI. This functions too.

      The actual problem is, if I kill one of this objects (for testing failover), when I lookup this kind of object, sometimes I get a reference to this actually non existing object, (objects are running outside JBOSS) because local JNDI on that note still has the pointer. (but actual object is dead)

      Now, the point. Can I, as a client application, somehow detach the object reference in JNDI, without knowing the actual context for the local JNDI on particular JBOSS node?

      I'm using JBOSS 3.2.0 with tomcat.

      Any sugestions are apretiated.