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    How to prevent AJP13 connections before servlets are loaded

    mattsmith Newbie

      We have a pair of Jboss servers which are clustered. We run apache2 with the jk2 connector on each. They are configured to hit jboss on the local machine first, then if that is unavailable, fail over to jboss on the other where the sessions are clustered.. Apache is loadbalanced with an F5 hardware loadbalancer with sticky sessions.

      When we have a problem with Jboss on one box and have to shut it down, when we restart it, there is a period of time between when the ajp13 connector fires up and apache thinks it's ok to send connections to it, and when the servlets are loaded and actually ready. If a request is made during this time that hits the server which is in the middle of starting, it returns an error indicating that the servlet container is not yet ready.

      Is there any way to either change the order in which things load so that the servlets load before ajp13 fires up, or is there any way to set a delay in the connector setup so that it will not become available until X seconds or something like that.

      We're talking about a <1 minute window, but that's enough to prevent us from restarting jboss during the day, which is sometimes needed.