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    only failover but no load balancing for httpsessions?

    raudi Newbie


      is it true that jboss can only replicate the httpsession for failover but not for loadbalancing?
      what i'm trying to say is: is it not possible to jump back and forth from server to server and keeping the session?

      i wrote a simple servlet counting up a counter in the session and put it on server A and B. when accessing it i get:
      A:1 (OK)
      A:2 (OK)
      B:3 (OK, session was replicated!)
      B:4 (OK)
      A:3 (why not 5? session was not replicated back!?!)

      or to be more specific:
      i have a loadbalancer which can either have loadbalancing or load balancing. what i would like best (and what jboss seems to need?) is stickysessions AND jumping to the next server if a server fails. it's quite odd for me to see my loadbalancer can not do that...
      so the only possibility to have failover is to configure the balancer not to use any sticky sessions. but this seems to be a problem for JBoss!?

      best regards