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    Axis Webservice + Clustered EJB

    Marcio S. Manske Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have 2 machines running jboss 4.0.3, red hat 9, with multicast enabled.
      In the jboss.xml file, I set the clustered tag value True.
      The 2 machines recognize each other when I start jboss in "all" configuration.
      One of this machines has an axis style webservice deployed that uses one clustered stateless session bean. In the webservice's jndi.properties file, the java.naming.provider.url is set to jnp://local machines's ip:1100.
      Everything works fine.
      My question is: Should I see some process output in both machines ? I put some System.out.println("bla bla bla") at the session bean 's source.
      The output is only visible in the webservice's machine. The other machine stops in the line : JBoss (MX Microkernel) ...... Started in 1m:9s:275ms

      Is this correct or I should see something else on this machine ?

      Márcio Manske