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    Clustering doubt

    shri ram Newbie

      Hi - I have 10 SLSB ejbs where 5 ejbs are called by servlet (Internal client same jvm - within the same ear) and other 5 are being called from a different server jvm.

      Now given that only 5 out of 10 ejb are being called outside the server (external client). Do i have to cluster all the 10 SLSBs.

      I hope its sufficient to cluster only the 5 SLSBs those which are being called externally.

      Pls let me know if you foresee any other problems if in an application we do clustering for only some of the beans.

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          Brian Stansberry Master

          What you describe sounds fine. If a bean is colocated in the same VM as the client, JBoss will detect this and will always route the call to the local bean even if the bean is clustered. So, for an SLSB that will always be deployed with its client, marking it as clustered doesn't really do anything for you.