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    About Transaction Context Propagating

    Ling Zhang Newbie

      When we discuss over transaction requirements for web components or invoke other container manage transaction bean within another ejb context,how can we propagate current created transaction context?
      for example:
      in a jsp file: we got a UserTransaction interface's reference throuth jndi lookup(),just name it utx,then
      we call utx.begin() to create a transaction demarcation,then we invoke an enterprise bean and call one of that bean's methods. I wonder how does that method know the previous created transaction context? different thread can't get the same transaction context throught ThreadLocal variable,in order to keep the transparent,we mustn't do any other superfluous action to pass the transaction context.
      I really want to know how can we manage it?
      If someone encounter the same problem or just know some inkling about how to solve it,can we share some ideas?