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    rich:tabPanel always 'processing' all pages?

    Todd Gould Novice


      I'm new to RichFaces and am in the process of integrating it into an existing Tomhawk app. As I understand it, the ajax switchType value of the rich:tabPanel would mean that only the page for a given selected tab should be processed on a given request. Is this correct? If so, this is not what I'm seeing. I see pages for completed irrelevant and certainly unselected (i.e. never visited) tabs being processed on each an every request???

      I have the following tabPanel structure....

      <a4j:outputPanel id="tabPanel" >
       <rich:tabPanel id="mainTabs" switchType="ajax"
       <rich:tab label="A" name="B" ......../>
       <rich:tab label="B" name="B" ......../>
       <rich:tab label="C" name="C">
       <a4j:outputPanel id="CTabPanel" >
       <rich:tabPanel id="mainTabs" switchType="ajax"
       <rich:tab label="C1" name="C1">
       <a4j:outputPanel id="C1Div" >
       <a4j:include id="userMgmtPane" layout="inline"
       <rich:tab label="C2" name="C2"........./>
       <rich:tab label="D" name="D" ......../>

      I've abbreviated somewhat for clarity. However, as you can hopefully see, there are nested tabs in action here. Each tab's content comes from an <a4j:include> nested inside and <a4j:outputPanel> element. All rich:tabPanels are configured with switchType="ajax". With the above, when I interact with page C1.jsp for example, I will also see A1.jsp, B1.jsp, D1.jsp, etc... processed during the response? I'm hoping to avoid this and just have the page the user is presently interacting with be rendered. Perhaps interstingly, I see the exact same behavior with switchType="client".

      I'm using RichFaces 3.0.1 and Ajax4JSF 1.1.1

      Am I doing something wrong or misunderstanding soemthing? Can I achived what I looking for in some other way?