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    ECperf on 3.0!!!

    wellday Newbie

      I have just managed to run ECperf on Jboss3.04-tomcat4.1.12,the max txRate is about 6-7,it is too frustrating to me. Any optimising method seems to work little to improve performance.
      Does anyone have other successful experieces about ECperf, and can you enlight me for what important thing that I should do.
      The persistence is CMP, and the optimising method such as "read-only", I have tried already.
      The SUT is solaris 2*1.7G CPU,1GRAM,database is Oracle 8.1.6 on 1.7G win2k,512MGAM, driver is 1.7G win2k 392MGAM.
      And other resources such as database connection pool is large enough.

      Thanks very much!!!