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    Linux or Window for JBoss web application?

    Dave Chen Master


      For running a web application deployed on JBoss/J2EE using Hibernate, JSF and MySQL, which platform should I choose for better performance?

      Linux or Windows XP?

      MySQL will be running on the same machine as JBoss. What is minimum memory requirement for reasonal performance for 10,000 requests/daily. Each request will use about 2M including session scope data.

      Thanks for advice.

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          Peter Johnson Master

          All the performance testing that we have done shows no difference between Linux and Windows performance on the exact same hardware.

          However, if you go with Windows XP, realize that there is a limit to the number of connections allowed. I know that IIS and various other OS services enforce that limit, but other softeare, such as Apache and Java app servers, do not. You should read the Windows XP license agreement carefully to ensure that you are complying with it. Otherwise, you will have to run Windows Server 2003 (or 2000). Since that can be expensive, you might want to stick with Linux.