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    Web Service in JBoss3.2.0?

    Eric Chow Newbie


      I am a beginner in using WebService in JBoss.

      Is there any simple but completed example to use WebService(AXIS) in JBoss including all the setup steps and deployment steps(deployment descriptor, etc)?


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          Jon Barnett Master

          Your best off getting the information from the Axis project at Jakarta Tomcat regarding set up, configuration and examples - although they are scant with the example explanations at this stage.

          With 3.2.0, you can put the saaj.jar and jaxrpc.jar in your JBoss instance's lib directory. mail.jar and activation.jar are already supplied with JBoss to support mail services so you don't need to get that.

          When you deploy axis to an integrated JBoss-Webserver you will need to put the axis directory in the deploy directory of your JBoss instance but rename it axis.war.

          You can delete the log4j-1.2.4.jar in the axis WEB-INF/lib directory as JBoss has a log4j.jar. You can also delete commons-logging.jar from the same directory as JBoss also supplies this.

          Note that this all applies to the default instance - so make sure all the jars I specified actually do exist in the JBoss instance you use.

          Hope that helps. The rest is Web Services specific so I would suggest going to a local Web Services web site - try http://www.webservices.org.

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            Jon Barnett Master

            When you deploy new Web Service components in the axis.war directory, touch the axis web.xml to get JBoss to redeploy axis with your changes.

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              Eric Chow Newbie

              Thank you very much for your detail information.

              As I know, JBoss also embed the Axis.

              I if want to deploy web service, I just require to make a package in .wsr, and some specific deployment scriptor.

              Do you have this example ?


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                Jon Barnett Master

                For the JBoss-NET integration, instead of the setup I gave (which is for a stand-alone pure Axis rc2 install under JBoss), just use the jboss-net.sar from the "all" instance of JBoss 3.2.0. At the moment,we don't use that in our deployments as it ties us to JBoss specific Axis deployments. Since we are also IBM partners, it makes porting between platforms a bit more of a pain. IBM are really pushing Axis and it is integrated into their developer platform and studio as well as in WAS 5.0. So for us, vanilla is better.

                There is actually a tutorial on-line for a JBoss-NET.


                It's quite detailed so it should give you all you need to know.