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    value of rar-name element in *-ds.xml file for Jboss4

    rakmoh Newbie

      I am trying to deploy a rar in jboss-4.0.1sp1. My question is regarding the rar-name element in *-ds.xml file.

      From the examples and wiki, it seems that the rar-name must be the archive name:

      Also the resource-adapter-name element tag in the Message End Point (MEP) should match the rar-name, so I also need to put the archive name in jboss.xml of MEPs.

      Problem is that the my rar archive name includes the version, and is also changed during the packaging of our application for delivery. It is tough to change the entries in the deployment descriptor files.

      So my questions are:
      - Is my understanding valid that the rar-name must be the name of the archive?
      - Can you suggest any solution to my problem?