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    stopDelivery on an EJB3 MDB causing an exception when messag

    Philip Dodds Newbie


      I have been working on a problem that started to appear when we used the stopDelivery method on the MessageContainerWrapper MBean in EJB3. I have posted a couple of forum posts regarding the problem - see:



      I wasn't sure if it was the EJB3 container or the JBM messaging bus that caused the problem and now as I dig deeper it looks like the problem might be in the teardown operation in the JCA connector during endpointdeactivation.

      In order to show the problem I doctored the EJB3 MDB example code, basically adding in a sleep on the MDB's (to make the transaction hold out so it is running when you call stopDelivery) and also introducing more messages so you have the system under load when you try and stopDelivery.

      You can grab a copy of these changes here - http://www.fiveclouds.com/stuff/stopdelivery-mdb.zip

      I didn't want to open a JIRA simply because I'm not sure in which component the problem lies - obviously if you prefer I open one please say and I can get it done.

      I appreciate any help and thanks in advance