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    JDK version for Jboss 3.0

    Christian Faucher Newbie


      I had a fair amount of problems running JBoss 3.0/Tomcat 4.0.3 with JDk1.3.1, with home MBeans, EJB and Webapp: JVM crashes (dr Watson), classes not found in War files (even though present in JAR files in WEB-INF/lib), JVM crashes (sic) (Full stack dump with registers...), class loaders getting mixed up, when a jar is in both server/default/lib and in WAR's WEB-INF/lib, among others.

      I switched to JDK1.4., then there were light!!! Works fine.

      It makes me wonder about that version is recommended for Jboss 3.0/what version is it certified on?

      The company will decide in the next few days if we go JBoss (instead of the other commercial AppServer we use). We do have the flexibility to go to JDK1.4, but I need more info to convince my people.


      Christian Faucher