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    Got an exception for tiles on JBoss+Tomcat only

    Jian ren Newbie

      I have a web application using struts and tiles, which run well on Tomcat(without JBoss). When I tried to deploy it under JBoss-3.0.4_tomcat-4.1.12. I always got an exception for the tiles configure file as below:
      javax.servlet.ServletExceptions: Error whiel parsing file '/WEB-INF/tiles-def.xml'. Error at (9. -1: No ClassLoaders found for: org.apache.struts.tiles.xmlDefinition.XmlDefinition

      But the same WAR file works fine under JBoss-3.0.4 with Jetty.
      Anyone here got the same exception? Please help me if you have any suggestions.
      Thanks a lot!