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    Changing the server dir root

    Michael Lasevich Newbie

      I am wondering if it is possible (without any modifications to JBoss distribution) to run a configuration located in a directory outside of $JBOSS_HOME/server ??

      I tried passing in an absolute path via -c parameter to run.sh - which find the conf and deploy directories fine, but it looks like JBoss fails to handle absolute paths to generate tmp and log directories, which are created under $JBOSS_HOME/server/[absolute path]

      I realize using relative paths can resolve this, but that's just a little too ugly for my taste. Right now I am solving this issue with sym-links, but that is not too pretty either. Is there a parameter I can pass in or a shell variable I can set to change location of configuration from $JBOSS_HOME/server to something else?

      My goal is to be able to use a custom configuration with a read-only stock JBOSS install.