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    please help : this bug is driving me mad !!!

    Bouassida Newbie


      I'm using a jms queue for the first time and I have a bug I don't manage to correct.
      I do :

      Object obj = getContext().lookup(queueConnectionFactoryName);

      queueConnectionFactory = (QueueConnectionFactory) obj;

      with QueueConnectionFactory = "QueueConnectionFactory"

      And I've got that error :

      javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: QueueConnectionFactory not bound at org.jnp.server.NamingServer.getBinding(NamingServer.java:495)
      at org.jnp.server.NamingServer.getBinding(NamingServer.java:503)
      at org.jnp.server.NamingServer.getObject(NamingServer.java:509)


      I don't know exactly what to write in my xml files ...

      If anyone can help me ....