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    War deploys twice

    Gerald Shifrin Newbie

      Apologies if this is a FAQ -- I searched but couldn't find a previous answer.

      When I FTP a war file to my JBoss 2.4.10 deploy directory, I see it getting deployed twice. Here's a log extract:

      2003-02-26 17:01:25,914 INFO J2eeDeployer: J2EE application: file:/opt/app/jboss/deploy/test.war is deployed.

      2003-02-26 17:01:28,925 INFO AutoDeployer: Auto deploy of file:/opt/app/jboss/deploy/test.war

      2003-02-26 17:01:28,943 INFO J2eeDeployer: Stopping module test.war


      (I assure you I didn't sneak in another copy between 17:01:25 and 17:01:28.)

      Is this normal behavior or is it something I'm doing wrong?


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          Raja Master

          Not sure if this would solve your problem but ive seen some other cases of watch directory approaches(like the deploy directory in JBoss) where the deployment starts as soon as the war is created. It does not really need the war file to be fully loaded but as soon as it creates the first bytes of the war, it starts deploying it..

          Try increasing the default scan period for the deploy directory. By default, i think its 5 seconds.


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            Joel Vogt Master

            This is right. I find it best to copy it to another directory first, and then copy to deploy.