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    Deploying single class files to server

    jgkenned Newbie

      I am new to JBOSS (about 1 month) so I would consider this a newbie Q. However, I am not new to the J2EE. I have an EAR that I have deployed that works fine. It has CMP EJB's and a Struts web application (war) inside an EAR. There are times when I would like to copy only a single class file or 2 to deployment. Maybe even a properties file as well. It takes too long to deploy the whole thing during debug cycles. How can I just update single class files (on the WAR side)? I am using Tomcat as my web container. Also using JBOSS version 3.2.1 on W2K.

      I am aware of the technique that will allow me to explode a WAR under the deployment dir as "context".war. The problem is that deploying the WAR and ejb JAR separately causes runtime errors because my struts actions or servlets cannot reference my EJB's remote or home interface(classnotfoundexception). When I deploy them together inside an EAR, I have no problems. So what's the trick here.

      Thanks to all


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          Juha Lindfors Master

          You need to create a separate package for your EJB interfaces (including all the class types and exceptions that are part of the interfaces). This way you can update the bean implementations but have your web apps still referencing EJB interfaces. Of course this only works if you're interfaces are already stable and not changing. Any changes to your interfaces will require you to redeploy both the web and EJB tiers.