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    JBoss and WSAD5 (IBM version of Eclipse)

    pepinfor Newbie

      I want to deploy a Web Application from WSAD5 to a Linux JBoss application server. The web application uses SapDb jdbc driver (sapdbc.jar) to connect to the DBMS.
      If I run the application in the test environment server all is ok. When I deploy the exported ear file to JBoss, the application is unable to load the JDBC driver. I have seen that in the ear file there isn't the sapdbc.jar and the file ".classpath " that is in the war file is the following:
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      where "C:/Contenitore/University/TESI/progetto/..." is the path relative to my development pc.
      How have I to set the .classpath so that it is right either in my production pc and in the JBoss server?
      How can I generate an ear file that contains all the needed external jars? Or have I to deploy the jars in a different directory in JBoss server?
      Thank you.
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          Jon Barnett Master

          WSAD contains much of the support infrastructure in the actual application server. This is why you have no copy in the EAR. For best practice migration capability between these two application servers, it would be better to place these supporting components in the JBoss instance lib directory - so if you were running the default instance, it would be server/default/lib of your JBoss distribution.

          Also, the .classpath is not a file normally used by either Tomcat or Jetty so it will have no bearing. You will also find that there are some WSAD helper files that JBoss will not use. Similarly, JBoss helper files (such as jboss.xml) will be ignored in a WSAD deployment. It is a standard task for the deployment engineer to manage the deployment files when switching between application servers. Applications that faithfully adhere to the J2EE specifications will not need any re-coding.

          We usually code for JBoss and develop the descriptors for JBoss. We use the WSAD deployment tool (Application Assembly Tool) to repackage for WSAD. YMMV.

          Hope that helps.