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    Halted on startup with linux in SPARC

    andresjo Newbie

      Hi!, i'm experiencing a quite strange problem, Jboss is getting locked at the startup process, the strange thing is that it's not a consistent behaviour, sometimes (A few, maybe a 10%) it works, but most of the times it doesn't. It's also strange because it does not usually lock at the same point, but in many different places, and there are no error messages or even warnings, the process just stops, and it doesn't response to any signal like kill, or pressing Ctrl+C, I have to kill the jvm with kill -9.

      I'm using jboss-3.2.2 in a UltraSparc 10 with debian linux, my JVM is the blackdown port for JDK 1.4.1. I tried to rebuild it from sources and the problem persists, I also experienced the same problems with the 4.0 release. I don't know exactly which information can be of your interest, just ask for it and I'll provide it as soon as possible.

      Anyone had the same problems or can help me?, I am stopped on my work. Also I would like to know if there is people using jboss in Solaris without problems, maybe it's just a matter of changing the OS...

      Andres Jose Rodriguez