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    Deploying a WAR file

    tetch Newbie

      We are trying to deploy a WAR file to the server/default/deploy directory.

      We are not using EJBs (we have another, proprietary way of accessing the business logic) - all we are using is JSPs and servlets.

      How do we configure it to pick up and deploy the WAR? I know that we need an [appname].xml to describe the app, but what should it look like?



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          cluck Newbie

          // I know that we need an [appname].xml to describe the app

          No you don't. If you're only using servlets and jsps, the only config file you absolutely need is web.xml. Just war up everything and drop it in the deploy directory of your server, and it will deploy. Simple as that.

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            Nigel White Newbie

            Thanks, cluck (I'm on that project too)

            But it's not looking in the WEB-INF directory.

            When I go to the base URL, it gives a directory listing instead of the welcome file specified in WEB-INF\web.xml.

            Then when I type the name of the JSP (compiled by Jasper, and mapped to the appropriate servlet name by the generated file which has been inserted into web.xml) it gets a ClassNotFound exception.

            The jar file containing that class is in the WEB-INF directory in the WAR, and it's in the tmp\deploy\tmpnnnapp.war\WEB-INF directory. Why is it not seeing WEB-INF???