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    Upgrade richfaces 3.02 > 3.1 - livecycle phaselistener disfu

    Kolja van Horssen Newbie


      We use a livecycle phaselistener to initialise (passive) business rules regarding a complex form. Further we use while submitting a backing bean action to verify active business rules to grey out certain field related to choices made in the form.

      This all worked fine, however after replacing the ajax4jsf.jar and richfaces.jar with the 3 new richfaces jars (ui, impl and api) the above described fonctioning of our form becomes instable. Choices made in the form do not react consistantly anymore towards business rule java code in the backing beab. While before certain drop down fields where always fixed, grayed or disabeled, now this fonctioning has become unsure.

      Has someone has experience with this kind of hard to track errors in either JSF 1.1 or Richfaces 3.1 ?

      Thanks a lot