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    presentation level integration using jboss: how? (web servic

    Daniel Mettler Newbie

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      i'd like to write a presentation level integration prototype using jboss (4.0, if possible). therefore, the presentation layer (to be implemented) needs to provide the following different "services" to a client (browser and/or rich client):

      * a soap interface (i.e. the client must be able to access a web service using soap. the web service should be provided):

      client <---- soap ----> presentation layer (server-side)

      * apart from providing a soap interface, the presentation layer (pl) should also be able to transform xml-data into various other xml formats (xhtml, xul, wml, ..) using a server-side xslt transformation:

      client <---- http ----> presentation layer (server-side)
      {xhtml, xul {xml} transformation using xslt
       wml, ..}


      * the whole thing should be *as simple as possible* as it only serves as a *demonstration prototype*.

      * the other layers (business logic tier, data tier) of this n-tier architecture don't matter for the prototype (of course they matter for presenation level integration, but this prototype is supposed to show only few aspects of presentation level integration). whatever is the simplest to understand and implement.

      * the presentation layer should preferably use session beans mainly (eventually an entity bean to hold the xml data)

      * as a design pattern for the presentation layer i'm thinking about using a model-view-controller (mvc) pattern or a business delegate pattern (see: matjaz b. juric "professional j2ee eai")


      * how can i implement an xml to xyz transformation using xslt in jboss? (i.e. how can i apply a xslt sheet on xml using jboss? is this done using a servlet? how?)

      * how should i combine/couple the soap interface component(s) and the xml/xslt transformation component(s)?

      * is there any example code showing this or aspects/parts of it?

      * am i totally wrong in choosing jboss for this purpose? would another technology/product (e.g. axis, tomcat or a java mvc framework like http://www.springframework.org/) be better suitable to implement a presentation level integration prototype?

      * any suggestions or recommendations on the topic ("presentation level integration") or my intentions as explained? i.e. do you have any better ideas to showcase presentation level integration using jboss (or an alternative product/technology)?

      any hint/tip/recommendation is welcome!