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    I think I found a bug in jboss 3.2.5

    Edmundo Newbie

      I'm developing a web application for the hospital I'm working for. It's still in development state.

      During the development process I chaged the name of the war file I was using for development. I had brought the job home once to make a presentation and didn't delete the old file.

      When I brought the job home yesterday (after changing the war file name) I noticed that the application was trying to use old code. I checked the war to see if it contained new code.. and it did, however it was producing code based on old classes. Then I remembered the old war. I deleted it and then the application worked fine.

      Does it have to work like that? I guess the application should try to find class files in the war file itself and then try to get them somewhere else. Maybe I'm just flatly wrong.