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    jboss 4.0.1 and xdoclet

    dave wright Newbie

      Can anybody suggest the correct version of xdoclet to be using for jboss 4.0.1.

      I'm currently using 1.2.1 but appear to be getting problems with the jndi naming


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          Matthew Robinson Newbie

          I presume you are talking about a problem along the lines of:

          When building local references, XDoclet 1.2.1 erroneously uses the <ejb-ref> tag instead of the <ejb-local-ref> tagset, and puts the ejb/ path in the wrong place within these tags.

          If you are, I resolved it by changing the JBOSS XDoclet definition (in the jboss_xml.xdt file in the plugins\sf.net.xdoclet_1.2.1\xdoclet-jboss-module-1.2.1.jar JAR).

          Is this the problem you are having?