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    rich:calendar datePattern problem

    Dmitry Pinaev Newbie


      "rich:calendar" does not seem to work when the datePattern attribute is read from a resource bundle. The component itself works, presenting the date validly, but the validation of the date fails giving an error message that the entry is not recognized as a valid date.

      Is there something I am doing wrongly?

      Here is a code sample:

      <h:form id="myForm">
      <rich:calendar id="startDate" popup="true" value="#{myBean.startDate}" datePattern="#{msg['application.datePattern']}" locale="#{myBean.locale}"/><br/>
      <h:message for="startDate"/>

      "application.datePattern" in the resource bundle is defined as


      and startDate property of the backing bean is of type java.util.Date. The property setter method is not called when the form is submitted, but instead an error message is displayed.

      Please confirm existance of the bug. Thanks!