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    Probs with SP2???

    Darren Small Newbie

      Everytime i close JBoss i get a BSOD. Has anyone ever came across this before, its getting really annoying. Theres other people using XP Pro SP1 and they are fine, but theres a few of us got new machines with SP2 and its happening to us all.

      Any help would be much appreciated!


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          Peter Johnson Master

          I have been using SP2 for a long time and have never experienced a BSOD when closing JBoss. Out of curiousity, what DLLs are being loaded into the JVM? One way to find this out is to download and run the listdlls.exe program from www.sysinternals.com (at a command prompt, enter "listdlls java.exe". My guess is that an errant DLL is being loaded into the JVM and that is causing the problem.